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My Quarantine Diaries Story

Posted on May 21, 2020

by: Hyacinth Acain for TheAtomicDiet.com 

I am telling you my story, thoughts, and struggles during this Coronavirus lockdown in the year 2020. Wherever you may be right now, this is my letter to you.

Dear you- wherever you may be right now,

How are you?

As of this writing, it’s day 63 of my COVID home-quarantine, and I’m fresh from my third shower of the day. Nowadays, taking a bath is my new definition of recreation. I also use different kinds of shower gels and bar soaps to keep the activity exciting. You may find it weird, but I define my way of keeping my sanity. And oh, watching Netflix does not stimulate happiness to me anymore. I would rather spend hours singing in my shower while enjoying the smell of my bath soap. 

Not Faster than the Mighty Glue: In the first month of ECQ, I broke my eyeglasses and with zero access to an eye doctor or an optical shop. The only available fix was the super glue.

Lately, I got the chance to see a few of my friends when I do my laundry once every two weeks. Most of the time, I stay indoors and work from home in a one-bedroom condominium unit that I had shared with a roommate. 
Learning How to Navigate a Selfie Camera: On the first Monday of MECQ, I went out to do my grocery. I do grocery every two weeks.

If there is one thing being COVID 19 home quarantine never prepared me, it’s that it can be mentally challenging. I can cure the boredom, but the negative state of mind, which sprouts at any given day, is something I could not contain. I may have shared a few, if not a lot, of failures, but emotionally taunting me is more than nerve-wracking. Sometimes, I find myself lying in my bed, and suddenly thoughts would enter into my mind. I mean, who invited it, but yeah, here I am, entertaining it. Thoughts like I have never accomplished big-time this year, my ticking biological clock, regrets, reality check if I’ve made the right decisions in my life, and other what could have been. I never compared myself to other people’s achievements, but dang, this home-isolation made me succumb to it. I seldom converse with my roommate, and when I decided to open up my struggles to her, she told me that she had never experienced it, nor did she think anything about it AT ALL.
A security staff disinfects the shopping carts. This sanitary practice is approved for a germaphobe like me, who is deathly afraid to go out of the house for fear of contracting the Coronavirus.

Yes, I am fully aware that this COVID crisis has brought in starvation to almost half of humanity, and that this problem is incomparable to somebody who has lost their job now. And yes, I never fail to recognize the tireless service of the frontline workers, especially to the unsung heroes of this battle- the grocery, security, courier, food, and maintenance personnel. But I also cannot deny this existing inner self-battle while the rest of the world is at war with an intangible enemy. On some days, I find myself asking a question about the logic behind all of this because it somehow felt like nature prevents my plans. I even had canceled my plane tickets to spend one-week with Ming, whom I haven't seen for more than a year. But then again, the answer is nowhere on the wall. All I know is that you and I are safe as we continue to physically distanced from the outside world to beat this pandemic virus. 
I made Low-Fat, Vegetarian, Chocolate Whipped Coffee Dalgona. But I still prefer our teaboy, Mohammed's, Middle-Eastern Dalgona-ish version, way before this Dalgona became a trend.

As for my unhealthy thoughts? It’s still there. I have learned to acknowledge its presence, lived with it, and then let go of it. I don't know if it's a good antidote, but I am now trying to savor life one day at a time while we are still at war with COVID. Last week, I broke my promise to stop buying clothes due to my suspicion of coronavirus contamination on the packaging. Nevertheless, I did online shopping from one store to another. I tell you, it was somehow a therapy.
Since COVID lockdown started, I cook my food for sustenance, and I don't order outside. As a nutritionist-dietitian, I strive to keep my diet balanced, especially now that my physical movement is limited.

For the meantime, I think I should learn how to use chopsticks.
*Sigh* This cat is giving zero ABCDEFG amidst the chaos of this COVID pandemic.

P.S. Yesterday, I was having breathing difficulty. I went panicking. I got dizzy, and my hands turned cold. So, I immediately texted my sister, telling her to adopt my dog, Ming, for fear of dying on that day. Then, I scheduled an appointment at mypocketdoctor.com because COVID- it’s impossible to send myself to a hospital! To my surprise, the medical response was fast. The nurse, named Kim, took my information before assigning me to a physician. Five minutes later, Dr. Diaz called on my mobile and assessed my symptoms. I was virtually diagnosed with hyperventilation. Now, I’m doing breathing techniques because I still experience some episodes from time to time.

Face masks can now be bought in my nearby local grocery. 

Keep safe,