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Step-by-Step Instructions: How I Renewed My PRC License this COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted on August 16, 2021

by: Hyacinth Acain for  TheAtomicDiet.com     

Surprising news, I got my PRC license renewed in a matter of 3 business days.

That’s right. I renewed it online early Tuesday morning, and I receive it via courier on a Saturday noon. It surprised me since PRC did not post on their website the renewal time-frame process of my license. With this, thank you, Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), for this unbelievable public service. It's truly an improvement.

Before I tell you how I renew my PRC license online, here are a few questions I’ve had in my mind before my www.prc.gov.ph renewal of license. Maybe you have similar thoughts too:

 1.)    Can I renew my PRC license without CPD units?


According to their official website, we, registered professionals, can complete the renewal process provided that we are to sign an agreement. This undertaking requires us to complete the required CPD units for our next renewal. This CPD exemption is effective only until December 31, 2021.

 2.) Can I renew my PRC license even if I made a promissory note last renewal?

Yes, as long as we would pledge to an oath of fulfilling the CPD units next term.

In other words, if there are unfulfilled CPD units last PRC license renewal, we will be asked again to sign another waiver. Visit www.prc.gov.ph renewal for more hindsight on this.

3.) How to renew PRC license this COVID pandemic?

Website registration of PRC license is now possible thanks to LERIS online PRC renewal. No need to go physically to their satellite offices.

4.) What is PRC LERIS?

According to its official website, PRC LERIS means Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Licensure Examination and Registration Information System (LERIS).

5.) What are the online PRC renewal requirements?

A.) Downloadable JPEG format of 2 x 2 id picture in white background. The picture must not cover the applicant's ears.

B.) For the LERIS PRC renewal payment, you need a Paymaya account, credit card, or debit card.

C.) Your old PRC id.

Here's how I renew my license via PRC LERIS website:

Step 1: Go to online.prc.gov.ph for renewal of license online.

Once here, go to the right side of the screen. Click the register button, and then scroll down and click agree. We are to register our email address if new to the online process.

We can also click the user manual for the website tutorial.

Step 2 : Complete the necessary details, error-free. Then, click register when done.

Note: PRC wants us to create an online password having at least one letter, one number, and one character.

Step 3: We need to wait 24 business hours to receive the email confirmation from PRC.

I registered my email on a Saturday as a first-time online user for PRC license renewal. I received my email validation link for the PRC email registration on a Monday.

Step 4: Click the email link received from PRC online email validation.

PRC sends you an email wherein you need to click the link to activate your account.

Step 5: Validate email address by logging in.

The email link received from PRC leads you to this window.

Step 6: Email will then be validated.

We are to click this link (see photo) to be redirected to PRC homepage.

Step 7 : Fill out required personal details- error-free.

This can also be done later after the email validation. To re-access, go to online.prc.gov.ph/profile, and then click the sign-in tab.

Step 8 : Upload the required PRC 2x2 identification photo.

Step 9: Click the Select Transaction button on the top right.

The meat of our transaction begins- the license renewal.

Step 10: Click Renewal.

Click "Profession" and select on the drop-down list. Enter the PRC license number. Then, Proceed.

Step 11 : Choose the delivery method of renewed PRC license.

I noticed that the PRC courier service is not accessible during late hours of the day. So, I went back online early morning the following day, and voila, the slot is open.

As stated on their website, courier delivery of renewed PRC license online are only available in Metro Manila.

Note: W Express is the courier service of PRC. I paid Php 180 for the shipping fee.

For PRC registered professionals residing outside Metro Manila, choose the preferred PRC satellite by clicking on the down list of selection. After which, PRC provides an appointment date and time to claim the renewed license via personal appearance.

If we choose to have it courier-delivered, the address we input earlier during our registration is auto-applied as the mailing address.

Step 12: Pay the PRC renewal fee.

PRC online renewal of license costs 450 Php (excluding convenience fee), paid via Paymaya, credit or debit card, or Landbank deposit.

How to pay PRC using PayMaya? If to pay via Paymaya, the existing account has to have an account balance of at least Php 458 as there is an additional 8 Php convenience fee.

Step 13 : Submit the online application by ticking on the PRC undertaking.

Read the agreement, and then tick and submit the waiver.

Step 14: PRC license successfully renewed online.

But before that, we need to wait for PRC to recognize our online payment. We are also to take note of our PRC transaction number after the payment confirmation.

There will also be a payment notification for the courier service (the method of delivery we earlier preferred).

We are to pay the amount of Php 180.

And then we wait for our renewed PRC license delivered to us.