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 Fruit of the Season: Lanzones

Posted on September 18, 2018

by: Hyacinth Acain for TheAtomicDiet.com

Lansones or Lanzones is my favorite fruit of all time. No kidding! I will always crave for it that when I was based abroad, I would ask my folks back home about its harvest. Of course, they enjoyed teasing me because they knew.

What is Lanzones/Lansones

Lanzones is the English term of the fruit. Its Tagalog name is Lansones but in Cebuano dialect, we call it Bulahan. Nonetheless, the words can be used interchangeably, it’s the same fruit (except in spelling) ha!

Lanzones is a Philippine seasonal fruit, harvested from around August to November. There are different varieties of which available in the market; native lansones, longko lansones, duco lansones. Moreover, the fruit is a fusion of a sour and sweet taste; moderate consumption is suggested if you are prone to gastric pain.
How To Eat Lanzones: The peel of the fruit is inedible. To open, lightly press the fruit using your thumb and index finger (no pun intended), and you will see the meat of the fruit arranged in segments.

Calories and Nutrients of Lanzones

One serving of lansones is equivalent to 7 pieces, and this will give you a total of 40 calories. This one serving is incorporated in your meal plan, under your fruit allowance. Furthermore, lanzones is mostly made up of carbohydrates, it has a scarce trace of protein, and it has almost a 0-gram fat. Like all plant food sources, lansones has zero cholesterol content. Except for its tart (acidic) taste, fresh lanzones is gluten-free.

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On the other hand, lanzones is high in water and potassium. However, the fruit is not a good source of vitamin A, and it has a low vitamin C content. 
How To Eat Lansones: The pulp of the fruit is edible; upon eating, you spit out the large seed enclosed in one of the pulp segments.

Is lanzones high in uric acid?

Foods high in purine produce uric acid, thus, increasing the uric acid levels inside our body.

That said, can lanzones cause a uric acid problem?

Contrary to popular belief, lanzones is not rich in purine; therefore, it cannot cause a uric acid problem.

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