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From your Nutritionist-Dietitian: Food and Nutrition Grocery Tips for Immune System Support


Posted on April 4, 2020

by: Hyacinth Acain for TheAtomicDiet.com

Is vitamin C the ambrosia of the demigods? Are you putting the right kind of food into your grocery cart? Can eating bananas enhance your immune defense and prevent a pandemic virus?

As of this writing, it is no denying that humanity is facing one great battle- the Coronavirus or COVID. So, as a Nutritionist-Dietitian, here are a few of my suggestions to help you guide your next supermarket trip, more so applicable on your grocery shopping during COVID 19:

1.) Eat Real Meat. 

Yes, I mean it. Limit your consumption of canned and processed foods. Instead, choose the produce at the seafood and meat section.

You know why? It’s because of our antibodies, which are made up of protein.

When a foreign substance such as a virus, enters into our system, our body produces an antibody that would defend us from an invading organism. A lack of protein in our diet may not support our immune system’s capability to produce antibodies.

GROCERY SHOPPING LIST TIP: The following have excellent protein sources: Real Lean Pork, Beef, and Poultry. You may also add to your grocery cart eggs, fish and seafood, and low-fat milk and milk products. Vegan diet for the immune system may select the following protein food: nuts, bean and bean products like tofu and soy milk.

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2.) Pick Z for Zinc.  

Because one of the many functions of the mineral nutrient Zinc is immune support.

GROCERY SHOPPING LIST TIP: add into your grocery cart the following to maintain a healthy diet for the immune system: seafood like oyster, lean meat, and liver. Grocery list for Vegetarian diet may include eggs, milk and dairy products like cheese, and pulses such as chickpeas and kidney beans, and other zinc-fortified grains and cereals.

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3.) Reach for the A.  

You got it. That’s the letter A for Vitamin A.

Aside from having an antioxidant property, Vitamin A nutrient has a lot of benefits, and one of which is to toughen up our tissues.

Our skin is our outer protection, and in our innermost system, are mucous membranes that shield our organs, including our respiratory tract. In consequence, without enough vitamin A in our diet, foreign invaders may have an easy gate pass into our body, making our organs susceptible to infection.

GROCERY SHOPPING LIST TIP: Remember the acronym YOG: Yellow, Orange, and Green Fruits and Vegetables. Other grocery items to include for a healthy immune response are fish and liver. For the Vegetarians, pick the following foods that are good for your immune system: eggs, and fortified butter, cooking oil, and nut spreads, and milk and milk products.

A Fusion of Nutrients in a Pan: Sauteed Bright Colored Vegetables with a 3-ounce of Pan-Fried Fish (flaked).

4.) Look for the Probiotics. 

That’s because the live cultured bacteria found in yogurt may have the capability to ward our body against a microbial attack.

5.) Get Free Vitamin D.  

Yes, grab the free vitamin with the help of sunlight.

Like most nutrients, Vitamin D builds and supports our body in numerous ways. One possible effect of Vitamin D is to revitalize the cells of our immune system. Contrary to popular belief, you do not get vitamin D from the sun. Our liver produces vitamin D, and a reasonable sun exposure activates the said vitamin into its absorbable form.

My suggestion? While you’re out doing grocery, take time to get an average dose of sunshine. But for now, wherein staying indoor and social distancing is the new norm, I think the only way for us to hit enough ray of sunlight is through our window sill or the safest place of our backyard.

GROCERY SHOPPING LIST TIP: You can be assured of getting vitamin D through moderate sun exposure, or you can opt-out for eggs, fatty fishes like salmon, fortified-milk, grains, and cereals when grocery shopping.

6.) Go for Omega.  

That’s Omega-3 fatty acids for you.

Akin to most nutrients, this too has a lot of roles to play in our life maintenance, and one of those roles is to nourish our immune system.

GROCERY SHOPPING LIST TIP: You may include the following Omega-3 rich foods for a healthy immune system: fish and shellfish. Vegetarian diet for the immune system may select the following: flaxseed, soya, walnut, and canola oil, soybeans, walnuts, wheat germ, flax seeds¸ butternut seeds, and omega-3 fortified spreads, milk, and eggs.

7.) Choose the C.  

And that is the ever favorite… vitamin C!

This vitamin also has an antioxidant property, which safeguards our cells against molecular destruction, possibly preventing us from certain illnesses. Vitamin C has numerous cellular benefits. To name a few, when the body is under stress, e.g., fever or inflammation, our glands release vitamin C to aid our body’s natural defenses.

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GROCERY SHOPPING LIST TIP: Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your grocery for immune system nutrition. Excellent choices are the following: potatoes, citrus fruits, strawberries, red bell peppers, kiwi fruit, guava, green vegetables, melon, and papaya.

 Thoroughly wash-rinse fruits and vegetables under running water to prevent microbial contamination.


1.) Complement a healthy balanced diet with regular physical activity such as light exercise or simple household chore, which is also applicable during this Coronavirus outbreak wherein staying at home is necessary.

2.) Drink at least 6 - 8 glasses of water per day, and this includes the beverages and water-rich foods that we consume in a day. However, water thirst may vary from those people, who are active, under a high-caloric diet, and living in a dry climate.

3.) Practice thorough hygiene. Wash, cook, and prepare foods properly. Moreover, limit if not restrict from eating raw vegetable salads; refrain from consuming raw and undercooked meat and eggs, especially during this COVID outbreak. Buy only pasteurized beverages and dairy products and reheat natural foods under a standard temperature.


Finally, what is the best food for the immune system? The answer is neither. All nutrients work in harmony to maintain homeostasis. The key here is to supply a varied menu in your diet, and include those foods mentioned in moderate amounts. If you want an individualized meal plan, which is tailored to your lifestyle choice, contact only a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian.

Low-Microbial Vegetarian Diet Sample Menu 

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