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How to Get Glutathione- the Natural Way

Posted on August 18, 2020

by: Hyacinth Acain for TheAtomicDiet.com

Side Note: This article was inspired in one of my previous conversations with my former University classmate, now colleague, Libra Cadiz, whom I would often ask for peer-to-peer counseling.

How do you get Glutathione benefits without taking the pill? How do you consume Glutathione as part of your diet meal plan? What are the food sources of Glutathione? That is, what is the natural way to take Glutathione?

Read on.

But first, what is Glutathione?

Glutathione is an antioxidant composed of a chain of three non-essential amino acids, which are the following: Glutamic acid, Cysteine, and Glycine.

Now you would wonder, what is a non-essential amino acid?

To further explain, amino acids are proteins. It is like a framework of a building or a house, and in this case, it is the macronutrient called protein. When you eat a protein food source, it is broken down via digestion, and what remains are the amino acids.

Egg is a great source of all essential amino acids.

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There are only two sets of amino acids, namely, the essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids. From the word itself, the essential amino acids are biological necessities, which must be supplied in our everyday diet because our body barely produces it. Whereas the non-essential amino acids are internal sources, i.e., it is created in the liver.

So, where can we get glutathione?

As mentioned from the beginning of this article, glutathione is composed of three non-essential amino acids, and the latter statement explains that our liver is capable of producing glutathione.

Cheese is an excellent source of nutrients such as protein.

What are the benefits of Glutathione?

It acts as an enzyme, helping the body get rid of toxic particles, which may potentially endanger our internal organs, and this enzyme-action is called detoxification. Its antioxidant power, on the other hand, prohibits the formation of free radicals that causes stress to our cells and tissues.

Finally, how do we get Glutathione in our diet?

Since glutathione is readily available in our body, that is, it is naturally available within ourselves, we can only sustain our system’s production of glutathione by eating moderate amounts of natural foods, which are good sources of Protein, Selenium, andSulfur.

Talk to your nearest Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian if you want to incorporate in your meal plan the foods rich in glutathione. 

Here is a 1-day sample diet meal plan with foods that help in Glutathione production.

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