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Committing to a balanced diet is fun! The word "diet" is never a punishment.

** The Atomic Diet mantra **


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Should I be following the Gluten-free Diet?

GLUTEN-FREE DIET is the current craze in town. But what exactly is gluten and is it worth the hype?

Carbohydrates vs Fat: The Truth about Ketogenic Diet

If you ever want to lose weight, take a low carbohydrate and high-fat diet. WRONG. 


If you’re on a vegan diet, you can’t eat Roasted Chicken for dinner. 

Well, think again!  

A broken heart can take a toll on our overall health. Find out how a nutritionist maintained a healthy diet when heartbroken.

Your nutritionist-dietitian answers some of your misconceptions about food, nutrition and diet. 

Lanzones vs Lansones. Every info about the lanzones fruit; its calories per serving, nutrient contents, and more!

Is Vitamin C the best nutrient for the immune system? Is there a specific food to buy to strengthen our immune response?

I am opening up to you my thoughts, struggles, and story in the time of Coronavirus. This is my mood now as I socially distanced from humanity. 

What are the food sources of Glutathione? Is Glutathione a nutrient? How is Glutathione produced? 

More about Glutathione.

I celebrated my birthday alone in a most unexpected event I had never imagined– under COVID lockdown. I guess I would say it’s historical, and I think it’s proper to write a story about the lessons that had struck me along the way as I reached more than 30 years younger.

Hint: it's something to do with a blueprint.

I took Philippine airlines domestic flights during the pandemic. These are my experiences, observations, and travel requirements domestic flight  Philippines.

Is fruit juice bad for you? Your Nutritionist-Dietitian will answer some of your confusions about commercial juice drinks. 

**Includes a bonus diabetic friendly low-calorie juice recipe inside **

I received and renewed my PRC license in a sum of 3 business days. But, what happens if there are no CPD units or that there was a signed waiver last renewal?  

More about it: